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Dhuaan takes you away from the hustle bustle and daily madness to a green, relaxed Mediterranean ambience. A business lunch meeting, a chilled out evening with friends or a romantic dinner date. Dhuaan takes pride in being the city's first Mediterranean & Italian kitchen that has been featured in the world's top press releases such as Conde Naste, India Today, GQ etc.

Dhuaan also is the city's only celebrity hot spot, be it spotting Rahul Gandhi having our favorite Chicken Espedata or Suresh Raina raving about our Sheesha during his frequent visits.

Dhuaan: The Brand

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“The Coolest Place to Be”
-India Today

Status Symbol in Kanpur

“Visitors feel like they have entered a new world, laced with a European experience”
-Safari Plus

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Certificate of Excellence


Stone, The Indian Drama, is the first and only Indian restaurant in Uttar Pradesh serving Indian food with a Molecular and Fusion twist. The music and ambiance of the restaurant with strong beige and pastel green touches embodies the India feel with a fusion twist. Everything here is done with drama, be that our complementary sorbets coming in a mini-truck or our dragon popcorn that comes covered in nitrogen smoke. Molecular gastronomy blends physics and chemistry to transform the tastes and textures of food, borrowing tools

From a science lab and ingredients from the food industry. Every plate that comes out of our culinary kitchen is an exemplary art in itself. Our Fusion menu includes dishes such as the Rajma Salsa Galauti, that gives our guests a taste of the regional famous Awadhi cuisine, with a mexican twist. Our deconstructed Golgappa, that is served with an arabic twist. The customer favourite Jack Daniel Dal Tadka that comes fuming with the Jack Daniel Tadka.